Friday, July 07, 2006

Finally Time for Some Updates

Didn´t have a lot of time to update while in Barcelona, so here´s the general update from the last few days:

July 2nd:
In case the 3 am blog post didn´t tip you off, I´m pretty tense about this trip. Tense in a good way: excited. But part of the tension comes from the fact that I am travelling alone to a foreign country, landing in a city that speaks a hacked up dialect of a lnaguage I stopped learning four years ago. How am I supposed to get around? Still, the line keeps running through my head: "I´M GOING TO SPAIN!!!"
It echoes cavernously in my mind and appears in slow motion, like the opening scene of a classic football movie, fans screaming and energy surging.
I´m going to Spain.
T-12 hours and counting and I still find it hard to believe.
I am going to Spain.
Intrepidation, excitement, awe. Holy crap, how did this happen?
I´m going to Spain.
I am so ready for this.


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